Book Domain Name Online

What to Do Once You Have Book Domain Name Online?

Keywords in the domain can help one rank higher in Google. Finding a good domain with the target keywords that aren’t already taken is quite tricky. To make the domain stand out, you will need to be creative and integrate the keywords with other words. Now, after completing the book domain name registration online. How do you check its status? There are several statuses available. Let us have a look at them and understand what each means. The registry determines this status. The registrar can make changes to the domain name and renew it. If the domain has been directed to at least one name server, it will be included in a DNS zone.

The first step in getting started online is to get a domain name. It’s time to begin establishing your internet presence now that you have your domain. However, you still have a lot of work to do before you can specify a robust online presence. What are some of the options available to you?

Sync the Domain and Hosting

You will need a hosting account if you have Book Domain Name Registration Online to build a website. If you acquired your domain name from a legit provider, you might get hosting from the same provider. Onlive Server has excellent starter hosting plans that will enable hosting and setting up the website a snap. Regardless of where you purchase your hosting, you will need to understand the domain transfer process so that your domains point to your host’s location.

Setup an Email Address that is Domain-Specific

You will undoubtedly need domain name email addresses that match your new domain name. This will furnish your website with a more professional appearance. Your hosting plan will determine the maximum number of email accounts you can create. Usually, you will be able to make at least one without paying extra. Your branded email address will be created from within the hosting account. Changes can be made through the Email Accounts app in your Onlive Server cPanel. Here you will input your email address and choose a domain name from a drop-down menu.

Secure Social Media Handles that are Matching

Obtaining social media usernames that correspond to your website will aid in the online establishment of your brand. Even if you don’t intend to utilize the social networking platform right away, securing specific usernames can be beneficial. If the branded form of the username has already been claimed, consider adding a qualification to the end.

The most crucial part is to achieve as near to an exact match as possible. It’s a good idea to try to synchronize your usernames across many accounts for each social media site. This will make it much easier for your customers to locate you on many platforms.

Create Goals for the Website

It’s decisive to develop an executable plan for what one wants to achieve before creating your website. After all, your new website might go in several different directions. Are you planning to start a blog, an online service business, an eCommerce website, or a news website? Your path will be determined by the kind of website you design and the desired result. It’s critical to figure this out ahead of time because it will influence the website you create.

Start Building the Website

The heart of your internet presence is your website. It’s time to start developing your website now that you have had the domain and hosting ready. If you decide to design your website, there are a variety of options available to you. You may even use the inbuilt website builder if you are utilizing Onlive Server. Consider adopting a content management system (CMS) like WordPress to create a site that enables more content development.

Most providers, including Onlive Server, have one-click installs, which allow you to install WordPress on the site with a single click. Then it’s only a matter of selecting the WordPress theme and customizing it to your satisfaction. Hopefully, the advice provided above will assist you in taking your new domain name and laying the groundwork for a good website.

How to verify if book domain name registration is successful with Onlive Server

When you register a domain with Onlive Server, it is essential to verify if it was successful. This is going to prove that you are the new owner of the Domain Name Registration. It is a straightforward process. You will need to check your inbox to confirm if you received an email from Onlive Server. This message will be sent to the email you used during the purchase of the domain name. In the email, you are going to receive a verification link. Click on it and continue to the page where you can review the domain contact information.


Having a successful domain name registration is the first step towards having an excellent online presence. It is important to note when your domain will expire. You can set an automatic renewal. In cases where the automatic renewal is not available, domain registrars always send reminder emails to renew their domain name.