USA Dedicated Server


Many eCommerce businesses fail due to the poor hosting services they have for the portal. The poor loading speed of the server makes customers leave your portal, which makes a massive loss to your business. Eventually, you may have to close your business, as many business owners have done till now. Therefore, for a better server speed, Onlive Server brings its Dedicated Servers that provide beneficial features.
Suppose you want the faster speed of the server with a reasonable bandwidth option that you get with Onlive Server’s USA Dedicated Server. For a vast knowledge of this topic, you should read the article about Onlive Server’s beneficial hosting services for an eCommerce portal.

Why Do You Need the Best Dedicated Server in the USA for Big eCommerce Portals?

When anyone opens an eCommerce website, the only question is to have a full uptime guarantee for the server. Because especially in an eCommerce website, it is vital to have a good pace. Therefore, using a Dedicated Server in the USA for your website keeps the server’s speed with the excellent stability needed. A Dedicated Server USA provides some quality benefits that are vital in ensuring good revenues.

Some benefits of USA Dedicated Servers provided by Onlive Server are written below:

Improve the Brand Reputation of Your Portal
You have experienced waiting in a grocery store’s queues and may get irritated after waiting so long and leaving all the things you picked.
This same behavior is also noticed in online customers. Nowadays, no one wants to wait for more to get what they want from a portal. Customers leave when they experience slow page load speed, which harms the business.
Thus, Onlive Server’s USA Dedicated Server provides a faster page load speed of the server so that your customers do not have to wait on one page to load another. It minimizes the server’s lag time and ensures the resources’ availability on your website.

Increase in Uptime of the Server
If your website gets downtime either because of server interference or malware attacks, you may lose a significant loss in revenues at business peak times. Your online brand image may get ruined because of this issue. Therefore, It provides its Dedicated Servers in the USA with the best security software that secures your site from outside interventions. It also ensures your site runs without interruptions.
Therefore, for these two reasons, you should get a Dedicated Server from Onlive Server for a better user experience.

Features of Dedicated Server for Powerful Performance of E-commerce Websites

Security for Enhanced Protection From DDoS Attacks
When you open an eCommerce website, you already have many competitors in this field. If you get an eCommerce website on a shared server, it would be a bad option for you and your user. Shared servers have shared resources that give other users access to the server. With the presence of many websites, your website mage gets affected by DDoS attacks. And you may lose all the data present on your website.
Hence, a USA Dedicated Server provides you with an enhanced version of security software to make the site protected. If you want to add any software program on the server according to your business needs, you can add it as you get access to add as many programs as you need.

Maximum Bandwidth Option
Since you have an eCommerce website then, it is necessary to have the option to transfer more data with the user. Hence, It brings an unlimited bandwidth option to your online portal. This makes your website’s page load faster, and the customer gets results in the minimum time. Therefore, a Cheap Dedicated Server helps to get a better user experience and ranks your website on Google SERP results.

Root Access
Having admin access to the server when you have an eCommerce website is a great deal to have. Therefore, it brings authority access to all its users so they can customize the server as the business requires. With root access, you can also get more applications on the server to have more flexible work per your need.

At What Price Will You Get a Dedicated Server in the USA?

Dedicated Servers in the USA come at an additional cost price than shared servers. But the resources it provides are worth the money you spend on hosting your website. Hence, USA Dedicated Server has the best hosting plans to host your big eCommerce website. Pricing starts from $79 which has the latest technology hardware tools in the package. It delivers its Dedicated Server services in four different types of plans. You can get what fits your budget best.

Throughout this article, we have discussed how important it is to have a Cheap Dedicated Server for your e-website. You can’t rely on shared servers that work on the same shared resources, which causes great trouble for your website. Therefore, to solve this issue, Onlive Server offers its USA Dedicated Server services that improve the site’s performance. Not only does it improve the performance, but you also get maximum server security, making your server secure from DDoS attacks and malware attacks. Onlive Server’s technician team is also available 24/7 to give solutions to all your problems. You can contact them anytime you want.