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With Onlive Server, we provide affordable, reliable, and flexible cheap Windows VPS hosting for all your business needs. Run your website at any time of the day, every day of the week with our Windows VPS hosting services.

The first paragraph of the introduction is compelling because it showcases how safe, easy, and affordable Onlive Server’s products are for any business that needs quality, dependable web hosting services that are customizable to their needs. It also points readers towards their site so they can explore all options without having to do much research themselves. Onlive Server offers cheap Windows VPS hosting stacked with the latest innovations in technology. This means increased security for your business, peace of mind for you, and an all-around top-notch solution. Check out our website today to learn more!

Why Onlive Server is the best and Cheap Windows VPS hosting provider

  • Onlive Server offers a variety of Windows VPS, with Windows Server 2012 or 2016 as a base operating system, our services are capable of supporting hundreds of Windows VPS but Our popular services with Windows Server are at Onlive Server Standard and Onlive Server Ultimate and we give Windows Server 2012 or 2016 as a base operating system to every VPS account.
  • Server management in Windows VPS, Onlive Server uses powerful and advanced server management tools including PowerShell, Windows PowerShell, WMI, SNMP, SSMMC & RDBS.
  • VPS management with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) & Windows Server, Onlive Server provides your business with excellent identity management.
  • With our simple set-up process and easy interface, there are no special technical skills required—even if you have never run a website before! Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

How Onlive Server’s Windows VPS hosting services can help to save money

Starting a business and running it efficiently is not easy. Every second of the time spent on-site demands a huge amount of resources from your server. You’ll require enough resources for real-time management, so you have to maintain your business constantly.

Before you look at any service providers, you have to know what your needs are. There are different packages available at varying prices based on how much space and bandwidth you need, whether or not you want a dedicated IP address, etc. You also have to determine what kind of services would benefit your business, so it may be worth getting an estimate from an IT expert first if possible. From there, it’s time to begin narrowing down your choices.

It might also be tempting to spend money on the latest and greatest technology that helps you to get on-site hosting. This can have a drastic effect on your budget. In fact, some of the lowest cost internet services, are actually geared for people who just want to get online and start a business. You can create a good site on your own, but we recommend you seek the help of a company that can help you manage it. That’s why Onlive Server, for Windows VPS hosting, is the best and affordable Windows VPS host to manage your website.

The benefits of using Onlive Server

If you’re looking to get started with small business server hosting, you may be surprised by how expensive it can be. Here at Onlive Server, we offer affordable business web hosting that takes away all of your worries about high costs. Now is an exciting time to start up your own business; don’t let high-cost technology prevent you from growing! Consider our cheap windows VPS hosting; it’s an affordable solution that can revolutionize your technology needs.

Onlive Server is an affordable, secure, and scalable cloud-based VPS hosting platform for professionals and small businesses. Offering Windows Server with backup and restore

Customers get a free SSL certificate for a year, along with a web hosting control panel, cPanel, and a good portfolio of managed, supported, and reliable servers, and diskless server options.

A lot of businesses jump at expensive hosting solutions because they don’t know what to look for in a reliable solution. A premium price tag can sometimes come with more convenience and better customer service, but it also translates into higher expenses down the road. Onlive Server offers cheap Windows VPS hosting that maximizes convenience while minimizing costs by cutting out unnecessary bells and whistles.

Onlive Server also provides tools such as SSH Keys, SSH Vault, FTP password protect tunnel, Joomla e-commerce add-on, SMTP, and many other products. Delivers high-quality dedicated servers, especially for small businesses and single-occupancy website price plans start from only $9.

How to get started with Onlive Server

This control panel will give you the option of using Linux for our VPS servers or Windows for high performance.

When choosing a VPS host, one factor that will likely play a major role in your decision is price. Most hosting services offer several different packages and features to help you tailor each solution to your unique needs. If you’re trying to go with a low-cost option, however, you’ll want to consider how much storage space and processing power comes with each option, as well as how much bandwidth you’ll receive.

You’ll be able to use your new Windows VPS hosting account to host an unlimited number of websites. Our Windows VPS Server service, with no risk. So, you don’t have any reason not to trust our Onlive Server VPS hosting services.

With cheap Windows VPS hosting, you get a plan that offers reliable performance and scalability. Need more resources? No problem! With our service, you can add resources on-demand with just a few clicks. You also receive expert 24/7 support to answer all of your questions and resolve any issues. What’s more, we offer customizable packages at low prices so you only pay for what you need and don’t pay extra money on features you won’t use.

Let’s see what you will get with the Windows VPS hosting from our company. As we already explained above, our cheap Windows VPS hosting services come with unlimited bandwidth, user databases, PHP 5.