Book Domain Name Online

Book Domain Name Online

In technology and the internet, everyone starts trusting internet findings as a reliable source for information. From purchasing products to collect information, mobile applications to daily needs, and reading the news to booking hotels are made online. Why do we trust those particular websites? The Domain Name is responsible for that as it makes the website more unique and special to the audiences.

Every beginner wants to collect an audience for promoting the services, products, blogs, and information through the internet. A website with a unique domain name that attracts the audience to the website is a must to make it successful. Now the man queries are where you will get a new and authentic domain? So, Onlive Server provides you complete solutions regarding Book Domain Names Online. Our specialized team is available 24/7 to assist you in getting a domain name that reflects your business and also excellent for SEO prospects.

Why you Need a Domain Name?

The access key to your Website is known as the Domain name. People write it in the URL box or in search engines to redirect to your website. In a simplified way, if the website is compared to your mobile phone, then the domain name is the phone number. By using it others can reach you.

People don’t have to remember and type complex number codes like IP addresses to visit your website. They can visit it easily by writing the particular domain name in the finding engine of the browser. Unique Domains names are much easier to remember, and it is more popular than other coding methods. For example, is the domain name to reach the website made by Onlive Server Company.

Choose the Right Domain Name

There are almost 10000 extensions of domains. In between them the widely accepted and popular one is ‘.com’. Some other popular extensions are .net, .org, .net, .info, .biz, .online, .site.

Choose the domain name according to your needs and dedication. You can choose .com, .org, .net like extensions to expand your services all over the world. For targeting audiences of particular country, you must choose the country-specific domain extensions like .in, .br, .ca, .jp, .uk, .au etc. A particular service or system can be delivered through .mobi, .blog, .food, .wedding, .style etc. There are some random domain extensions also available like .xyz, .rip, etc Be wise while choosing the domain name as almost 200+ options are available on Onlive Server. Buy the domain, install the web building software, use a web hosting service and establish your website on the internet.

Fundamental Differences between Domain Name, Website, and Web Hosting

A domain name is a key to every business and the best way to explore the business globally and in other parts of the country. The server stored all the data of your website. This server needs the domain name and web hosting to maintain its existence in the internet world. Customer reach website via DNS and servers connect the websites and the user to transferring data.

At the time of creating websites, you have to buy both domain names and web hosting. Onlive Server provides all services regarding choosing the unique domain name.

Book Your Unique Domain Name from Onlive Server

Onlive Server is a certified and Book Domain Name Registration Online by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to provide domain names for its customers. But all the terms are regulated by ICANN itself.

We ranked in the top list of domain name providers. We provide VIP service at a budget-friendly rate. You can trust us completely to book your domain in the fastest way. We provide 200+ domain extensions. We will give you all types of domains under TLD, ccTLD. You can also get your personalized domain name from us. Just visit our websites and register yourself on our server. Then search your business name or services in the search box, and you will get all the suggestions of domain extensions available on our server. Buy the perfect domain through an online payment method.  For any assistance or suggestion, contact us at any time. All the data will be securely kept on our server. We will hold all the terms of your domain name. Renew every year to keep continuity in your domain name.

 The world is trying to rely more on the internet day by day. To keep the existence of your businesses or blogs:

  1. Come into the world of networks and collect more audiences.
  2. Do not waste time.
  3. Choose the right domain for your website and book a unique domain from Onlive Server today.

To book domain name online is a crucial job. If you cannot help yourself, get an appropriate domain name online, then the Onlive server technical team is available for your guidance whenever you require it.