Turkey Dedicated Server

Onlive Server provide by best Turkey dedicated server that can be able to host a website easily. Our dedicated servers are fully managed so your site is saved from any kind of trouble. The server comes with great features Mail Server and many more features. We have large Data Center with hundreds of redundant speed network for your secure fast server hosting.

Onlive Server provides dedicated servers; our data center and hosting services are based in Istanbul. We have many other locations servers throughout the world. Our dedicated servers comes with network security solutions that will reduce your IT costs, gain additional time to focus on your business and it will increase your market presence. Our mission is to be the best choice for hosting in the region, by offering the best bandwidth and security services available. All user information is stored on a safe internal server with daily backups. A secure firewall protects your website from hackers and any other dangers.

Superfast Turkey Dedicated Server Offer?

When it comes to the fastest dedicated server, Our Company tops the list. This service offers users Network fast speeds for all of their online activities you require a dedicated server for heavy duty work, or more modest and affordable usage, we ensure that every customer gets their needs met with every package offered. By having a dedicated server, you can increase employee productivity and manage them better than ever before. You can easily run your websites by our web hosting company in only seconds.

How our Turkey Dedicated Servers Different from Other Servers?

Our Turkey Dedicated Server from other server providers in that they are specifically designed to provide high-speed streaming of online content. We give you sufficient power and performance to earn maximum revenue in your website.. We support all network protocols providing DDOS IP addresses and DNS all over the world. Our servers are always connected to the most powerful network and hence deliver smooth, reliable and highspeed services. We provide multiple choices of server hosting which are pre-installed with all kind of applications.

 Superfast Dedicated Servers have a number of advantages over regular servers, including:

1} They are faster than regular servers because they have more resources dedicated to streaming media.

2} They are more reliable because they are designed specifically for streaming media.

3} They typically have lower latency, meaning that the streaming experience is smoother and more consistent.

4}  They typically have lower prices than regular servers.

Technical Support

Our company offers Dedicated hosting Plans. We provide affordable hosting solutions with advanced and high-performance technology to meet all your hosting needs. Our technical support team is available 24/7. We offer affordable dedicated servers Hosting plans, which includes Windows and Linux OS Compatible. Our servers provide instant setup so there will be no waiting time after purchase.


We Provide dedicated server is located with high-security, fast and stable infrastructure. 24/7 support available for . This server will not reduce your performance but increase its speed on every need and security Our powerful Linux operating system and support has helped us to build a reputation of quality service. We assure you utmost security and absolute privacy with our innovative services which are based on latest industry standards. Security and 99.9% uptime guarantee for your business needs.

Affordable Price

Our dedicated servers are available at affordable price by the hosting provider. Intel Xeon E3-1240, 3.7GHz, 4 Core 8 GBRAM, 2×500 GB HDD, 100 Mbps Bandwidth, 1 IP $59 Price. Windows and Linux based fully managed dedicated server comes with 24hrs support. We provide fully managed Dedicated Server Hosting plan with unmetered bandwidth to build your websites instantly and at lowest price. We offer a variety of server plans to choose from so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

High Performance

Our Company are fully managed by Professionals and we have expansive network data centres with all the best hardware in the market. We have the highest performance and most reliable Private Cloud Hosting & Infrastructure Services. Our dedicated servers in offer you high performance, reliability, and security to run your websites. Our powerful Linux operating system and 24/7 customer support has helped us to build a reputation of quality service. We offer high-speed bandwidth, low latency and world class technical support so you can focus on your business without worry.


We have a wide range of server options available with Turkey dedicated servers having the capability of running multiple applications on the same server with equal powerful server in the world. It provides your website with the required power and flexibility to grow and scale with ease. capacity with high quality and excellent performance, which can meet all your business requirements our customer service support 24/7 and our dedicated servers, we ensure that you provide quality fast services.