USA Dedicated Server (8)

By choosing USA Dedicated Hosting, you can be certain you’re getting top-of-the-line hardware and a provider who has access to their own network to ensure fast connectivity. Having your site on an American server will help improve search engine rankings for many US-based customers. However, there are several other reasons for choosing USA Dedicated Server over offshore hosting. For example, your business website could be hosted on more than one machine: if one machine goes down for any reason it will automatically switch to another machine without interrupting service.


The time between when your server goes down and when it comes back up is called Uptime. We use hardware from well-known servers like Super micro, Dell, and HP to make sure that you’ll never experience downtime on our VPS. All of our systems are set up with RAID arrays so in case a hard drive fails your files will be saved by copying them to another disk. We also keep nightly backups for all of our servers that are encrypted with a private key only known by us. Uptime is monitored using multiple monitoring services including Kingdom, MONIT, Server Density, and many more. In addition to monitoring we also have processes in place should there be an issue.

Why use a dedicated Server?

In short, there is absolutely no comparison in regards to performance, reliability, and overall security. If you are looking for a system that is 100% your own, USA Dedicated Hosting is a good way to get exactly what you need. With your own private server on our end, you are able to choose whatever operating system and software configuration you want without any limitations or extra fees. Plus, we have full control over our network environment with exclusive access and choice of bandwidth providers at all levels. We use only Tier 1 carriers and equipment designed specifically for quality service support in every location.

Technical Support

USA Dedicated Hosting provides 24/7/365 real-time support via phone, email, and chat. Our technical support is provided in English, Spanish and French. In case we can’t answer your questions right away. Our friendly staff will return your call within 10 minutes during business hours on weekdays to provide you with an immediate response to your question. We monitor live chat from 9 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Friday and from 10 AM to 6 PM EST on Saturdays. After these times, you may leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Best Bandwidth

No one should have to deal with internet speeds that are far below what they’re paying for. Using a dedicated server, you can set up your own super high-speed connection. In fact, by using one of our plans with 1000 Mbps (megabits per second) transfer speed. You can download data more than 100x faster than standard cable and DSL connections! We also offer plenty of space to store all of your files, including your website content and multimedia files. It’s like having a personal cloud – without needing an expensive backup plan! And if you’re interested in game servers or VPS hosting solutions, just ask our team! We can create customized packages designed to fit any need.


Having a dedicated server doesn’t just mean it’s reliable and always accessible when you need it. It also means your data is much safer. With multiple physical security measures in place. from biometric and touch-to-print identification features on our servers to software solutions that regularly scan for malware and quickly alert us when something’s amiss. Your server is well protected from Host ripples. This ensures no one outside of your team has access to your data. You also have unlimited bandwidth available to keep up with growing demand and fast processing speeds so there are no bottlenecks or delays as you grow your business!


You can customize your server to whatever specifications you want. Whether it’s a particular brand of motherboard or RAID drives in particular configurations. You may also be able to choose your preferred operating system and software package. With the Best USA Dedicated Server, you get virtually unlimited storage space and bandwidth—and 100% uptime, because you won’t have to share with any other users. And best of all, there are no recurring monthly costs like there are with managed hosting plans; instead, you simply pay for as much time as you need on any given month. This means that your business can benefit from continuous growth without worrying about overages or hidden fees.