Making the Choice of the Best Web Hosting Provider

Linux Web Hosting

Carrying out a bit of research prior to committing yourself to any Linux Web Hosting service provider can help you in saving a lot of money and headache too. For bloggers, developers, and business owners, learning the right way of choosing the best web hosting provider is very important. If done in the right way, users can spend their entire life filled with happiness. This is because they have a high-performing and reliable hosting provider that seems to be always available on chat, phone, and email for answering their questions. Nevertheless, rushing with your choice of a hosting provider and not doing any research on the same can result in feeling extorted, misled, and trapped. Making the choice of the wrong hosting provider can often result in headaches and a complete loss of money.

Getting the services of the perfect Linux web hosting provider is always very important. It is a kind of partnership where, if you make the wrong choice, you are likely to suffer from downtime and even struggle to get proper support. Choosing the right hosting package will not be a major challenge for you only if you consider some important points prior to carrying out your research.

Consider the Hosting Type Offered

Are you on the lookout for your very own infrastructure? Do you lack technical skills? Do you require greater control and access to your server or your site?  Would you like your hosting company to do the website maintenance for you? You should try and answer these questions prior to choosing the best web hosting provider. No matter whether it is dedicated, VPS, fully managed, or shared hosting, have a look at the advantages and disadvantages that come with all the cheap web hosting options available in front of you. Determine your requirements and do not hesitate to ask for suggestions.

Look for Proper Support

This is very important. If in any situation, something happens to the site or the server, you should have the ability to find a solution to the problem immediately. So, it is important for you to ensure that there is proper support available to help you out in times when you face DNS attacks and technical errors. It is also important for you to ensure that the assistance you are on the lookout for is available on several channels. It is quite likely for you to not be able to answer calls on the phone always. In such circumstances, you need to ensure going for a service provider with email, chat, and other mediums of communication. Proper communication serves as the key when users face problems that need to be solved within the shortest time possible. Therefore, it is important for you to choose a hosting provider that has a clear understanding of the nuances of working with varied customers, time zones, and businesses.


Look out for the different features available on offer.  Find out whether the hosting provider uses cPanel for installations of different software. Also, look out for the amount of bandwidth and storage available. It is also necessary for you to know the number of domains you can host on a single account. Proper functionality is an important concern for every website. At the same time, future-proofing is also an important criterion or requirement. In case you witness large-scale business growth, the amount of space you require will also increase. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that the hosting provider you are going for has the ability and the features required for supporting the growth.

The Cheap Web Hosting service provider you are going for should have the ability to move you simply and seamlessly to your next development plan. It should offer you sufficient storage space for meeting the requirements of your website or business. One of the most important features you need to look out for is scalability. This goes for both downgrades and upgrades. Linux Web Hosting servers available from Onlive Server come packed with some of the best features like 10 domain hosting, unlimited FTP, 60 GB space, WHM or cPanel, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited email accounts, SSD server, and unlimited bandwidth. If you are paying a heftier price, you will be getting 20 domain hosting and 150GB of space.

Server Locations

The data center location is one of the most important things you need to watch out for. If you are compliance-led and if you gather personal information on your site then it is important for you to consider the data center location or server location. There are many hosting providers that allow their clients to make the choice of their data center locations. One of the major advantages of choosing your very own data center is performance and speed. Large scripts, WordPress themes, and resource-heavy sites have a major impact on the speed at which a site loads up. All these factors have an important role to play in the load time and performance of the site. You would be surprised to know that there are many hosting providers that even offer green server locations in order to be environmentally friendly.

Some frequently asked questions in this regard are:

  • What about specialization areas?

Watching out for specialization areas of hosting providers is important.

  • What is security?

You will require complete security for your site depending on the business you are doing.

  • How to come up with the right choice?

Go through general feedback available on the Internet

  • Is price an important determinant?


  • What about research?

It will also help you in making the right choice.