Windows Dedicated Server

You can use unrestricted resources with dedicated hosting because you have the complete server. As in the case of shared hosting environments, exchanging resources with nearby websites is not required. Dedicated hosting options, however, will always be expensive. This explains why getting inexpensive Windows Dedicated Server options is so crucial.

How to find cheap Windows Dedicated Server Hosting in India

You should conduct some preliminary investigation before purchasing inexpensive Windows dedicated server India solutions. Not all businesses that offer affordable hosting choices give you the level of assistance and superior products you require. Therefore, before you sign up for inexpensive Windows dedicated server India plans, you should check for variables like customer support, hardware quality, security measures, etc. Hosting for Linux dedicated servers in India is cheaper because Linux servers are cheaper. Since Linux is an open-source operating system, there are no subscription costs.

Support for apps and services

A dedicated Windows server is compatible with most open-source programs and platforms. On Linux-based systems, the opposite is not valid. For instance, Linux prefers MySQL, Perl, and other scripting languages over MS-SQL and.NET. A web admin can use licensed and open-source software with a Dedicated Server hosting package. MySQL and MS-SQL can be hosted on a dedicated server; PHP and .NET are also supported. It may occasionally be necessary to build a website using various languages and components, whether it’s for an online store, e-commerce company, or product website. Whether it is an instant dedicated server, an inexpensive dedicated server, or an affordable server with dedicated hosting, a windows operating system aid in this.

Plesk Control Panel,

Web admins can use Plesk as a hosting control panel on their server, whether an inexpensive dedicated server in Singapore or a server in Malaysia. The Plesk control interface is most compatible with a dedicated Windows server as a hosting environment. Plesk installation and use provide web admins and users with peace of mind. The combination of a Windows Dedicated Server and Plesk control panel makes life simple for companies with features like Plesk Mobile Center (for simple access via Android and iOS), cloud backup, a WordPress toolkit, docker support, and a wide range of other features.

Active Directory

Large and small businesses almost always use Active Directory, particularly those requiring enterprise-grade domain management and directory services. The ideal active directory installation platform is a Windows-devoted server with dedicated server specifications and server hosting. The active Directory was created as a highly structured data store service with clearly specified user roles, permissions, and hierarchy. Microsoft also produces the Windows computer system and Active Directory. SMBs and enterprises like Active Directory for the degree of protection and usability it offers regarding user-level permissions. The recommended option for installing Active Directory and dedicated server specifications is a Windows Dedicated Server.

Protocol for Remote Desktop Access (RDP)

Microsoft’s RDP protocol is a user-friendly remote login utility enabling system administrators to access a Windows server. Only the Command Line Interface can be used to interact with Linux-based systems. (CLI). The manual firing of commands requires specific knowledge and practical experience. The User Interface (UI) for RDP is essential and includes symbols and pictures. RDP lets you quickly perform Windows Dedicated Server tasks like managing remote apps and publishing applications. Dedicated server specifications for such a tool are not yet accessible for Linux.

Microsoft Office

Most large companies and a growing number of SMEs, SMBs, and other entities are looking to adopt Microsoft’s Office 365. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and One Drive are all included in Office 365 for business for all customers. An unrivaled bundle can be obtained by combining a dedicated server with its own set of dedicated server specifications with an Office 365 for business subscription from a server Malaysia CSP. Customers benefit from having a dedicated server with Windows and the Office 365 suite, which works best on a dedicated server platform, for increased productivity.

Internet Information Services (IIS)

According to a recent study, IIS is the web server software used by about 32% of the websites hosted on dedicated servers or every third website. Installing and setting up IIS services requires a dedicated server with Windows OS, whether a cheap dedicated server in Singapore, Malaysia, or any other server hosting. Given that IIS is a lightweight piece of software, Windows servers with IIS can be readily run on instant dedicated servers, cheap dedicated servers, and servers with good specifications.

Exchange Microsoft

Microsoft Exchange is a popular option for email service platforms in the current economy, where email communications, instant emails, and business emails are almost taken for granted. A Windows Dedicated Server with Microsoft Exchange installed is an unbeatable combination and tool for companies that rely heavily on dedicated server hosting to run their e-commerce website and business email. It has advanced security settings and has been tweaked for high performance. A server hosting package that contains a dedicated Windows server with Microsoft Exchange adds users. Exchange Active Sync, a popular mobile access standard for businesses, allows users to securely synchronize mail, contacts, and other data directly with an Exchange server.


On a dedicated server, partitions can be created with virtualization software; each section acts as a separate server. A local hypervisor called Microsoft Hyper-V functions best with dedicated servers. A Hyper-V license is also free with a Windows server hosting package! With Hyper-V, making a free VPS is incredibly simple. Web admins can build Linux-based virtual servers on a Windows 2012 or later operating system using Hyper-V, just like the Windows operating system. Hyper-V is an excellent virtualization option because it can host virtual servers in both flavors. With all the features listed above, a dedicated server with a Windows OS and Plesk control panel is an uncomplicated, user-friendly, and straightforward server hosting option. 


Despite possibly costing a little more than Linux Dedicated Server plans, Windows Dedicated Server plans are favored due to their high level of security and compatibility with Microsoft products. You can relax knowing that scammers and hackers won’t have an easy time accessing your website. Windows hosting is renowned for providing top-notch assistance, and they have a ton of helpful tutorials and guides online to assist you in achieving the highest levels of security. Finally, since most people are accustomed to using Microsoft products, Windows options are always more straightforward. Therefore, you should only select Windows as your operating system if you want to purchase the MS Office package for your business.