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If you are a Business Owner and want to make your business online. Web development is the most effective way of increasing business activities and make a popular brand. So, the business owners are buying Cloud VPS because they consider all that can help in making popular their services, and the best way to attract new customers is to make your business online with Cloud VPS. Or also If you run a business website, then you need to use the server to maintain your online business data and resources.

Day by day, Cloud VPS Server Hosting makes popular your business brand and you can get it at the very cheapest price. At the same time, you will get more advanced features, high security, and performance with it. Among all kinds of VPS, you are required to choose Cloud VPS Hosting for taking reliability, benefits, and if you want to grow your business website.

Know the Features and Benefits

 VPS is better than shared Hosting because it works as a dedicated server and the VPS Server is scalable to less or upgrade the resources per your decreasing or increasing demand very easily and in a very short time. VPS server helps customers to control the entire website, very comfortably without losing any benefit. And, also you get to have several facilities and perks out of VPS, such as high security, reliability, advanced scalability, etc.

Better Security

This is an insurance policy that you take for your business website and data of your website. It gives you the backup of important data for your websites. In any case or fault, website, application, and server data will be destroyed, So, with a proper data backup, you can restore it all without lost any data file of your business website. Converted all for security reasons and tested to ensure that the backups you are backing up are not corrupted.

Benefits Of Scalable VPS 

Scalability is the main benefit that brings growth to your business website and grabs traffic for your website. With Cloud VPS, this is certainly one of the best services that you can get to run your business website without any error or issue. With a VPS system, businesses owners can get the advanced feature of scalability, where users can easily handle the sudden updates in workloads in an effective and easy way.

24/7 technical support

If you want to get Cloud VPS, first of all, check out all about technical support. Onlive Server offering the feature of 24/7 service with the technical expert support team. Also, you can get back your money with a guarantee in case you do not like the service. In any case, are you facing any technical issues with your website? Then you can get advice from our support team through LiveChat, Skype, mail, Call, and any possible way. This way it becomes easier to run a website for you.


Cloud hosting is becoming extremely popular for many reasons. but the main features are its scalability, unlimited storage, bandwidth, and high levels of uptime.  Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is a form of cloud hosting that gives users complete root access to their server – meaning they can modify it as much as they want! or as needs of their website Read on to find out more about VPS Hosting and how you too can switch to the future with Onlive Server. Onlive Server Provides the 35 plus countries VPS Server and Cheap Windows VPS Hosting services and their plans are also available at a very affordable price.

  1. What is Cloud VPS?
    Cloud VPS is a type of managed hosting. It is also called “virtual private server”. Basically, it’s a virtual operating system on a virtual machine that has its own independent computing resources.
  2. Why choose Cloud VPS?
    Cloud VPS offers a variety of features. It’s scalable, so you only pay for what you need, which is good for businesses with fluctuating data needs. There are also no contracts or setup fees.