Brazil VPS Server

Onlive Server is the best company to provide you with a world-class, reliable, secure VPS server hosting plan. Our services are beneficial for all types of businesses whether it is small or large. We offer a wide variety of hosting plans with high-end resources that are very useful for your business. You can choose the best plan according to your needs and budget. The Brazil-based VPS hosting is a fully managed and high-performance web hosting service with advanced features and resources. We provide Brazil VPS Server at an affordable price. Also, it provides the best virtual private server hosting plans that ensure high-quality performance, stability, and reliability for your website.

Onlive Server provides Cheap Brazil VPS Hosting Plan at an Affordable Price

Onlive Server is a leading provider of cheap VPS hosting services. It provides a wide range of VPS hosting plans to the clients, giving them the freedom to choose their own plans according to their business requirements and budget. The company provides you with various features like 24/7 support and cheap cost plans for every new client. So, you can try out our service before purchasing it.

Full Root Access

This means that you can install any software in it, including your own web server and database server (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.). You can also change the operating system itself by installing a new kernel or even replace the whole OS with something else like FreeBSD or OpenBSD (which is what we do). You’ll be able to control all aspects of your VPS through the console: change network settings; firewall settings; install any application and make changes to its configuration; upgrade PHP version or other libraries/software packages with one command; update MySQL database manually only if needed; create new databases at any time according to your needs (you could have 5 different projects running one x86 instance); configure backup scripts for automatic restoration after failures.

Resource Utilization

• Resource utilization is the amount of CPU, memory, disk space, and bandwidth used by a virtual machine (VM), virtual server, or other virtualization instance. Resource utilization is often expressed as a percentage of the physical capacity of the underlying physical hardware. It is also known as CPU load or Server Load and can be measured using tools such as System Center Operations Manager or Windows Performance Monitor. For example:
• The CPU usage on your server may be running at 50% with only two VMs running on it;
• You have 30% free disk space left but your disk utilization rate for C:\ drive is at 100%;

24×7 Technical Support

If you are in need of a VPS server that is able to provide top-notch performance and reliability while keeping up with your business’s needs. Then the Brazil VPS hosting may be the right choice for you. This solution offers 24×7 Technical Support services through its famous Onlive Server for all users. The team behind this product has worked hard over the years to deliver some of the highest quality servers on the market today. When purchasing from them, you can rest assured that there will always be someone available to help if anything goes wrong with your order or setup process.

Hardware Installation

• Hardware Installation: The first step of a VPS service is to install the necessary hardware in order to give your virtual server all the resources it needs. When we need to choose a server for our customers, we look at several factors, such as CPU type and power (number of cores and clock frequency), RAM capacity, and disk space. The minimum requirements for each configuration depend on the applications that are going to be hosted by your server as well as its performance level.
• Hardware Configuration: Now that you have received your new VPS package and have had it installed. You may want to take some time to adjust its settings in order for them to match your personal. This includes making sure that no unnecessary services or processes are running on the machine while also making sure everything works smoothly together by adjusting settings like disk partitions sizes or port combinations used by different applications/services running there simultaneously (e.g., Apache versus MySQL). You should also make sure there aren’t any rogue users left behind after installing any software packages. Since they might cause security breaches later on down memory lane!
• Hardware Maintenance: When running high-load websites/servers with lots of traffic coming from around the world 24/7 365 days per year 365 days. Maintenance becomes an essential part due mainly because hardware tends to wear out faster when operating under duress constantly rather than when sitting idle at night waiting patiently until morning comes around again tomorrow.

High-Performance Servers

When you’re looking for a server solution that provides top-notch performance and reliability, look no further than Onlive Server. With its high-performance servers and redundant network, power, cooling, and fire suppression systems. You can rest assured that your data is in good hands. These servers also come with redundant security features such as two independent internet connections with failover routing to ensure uninterrupted uptime in the event of an outage at one connection point.


A Brazil VPS Hosting can be the most effective tool for those who have advanced and complicated website needs. Our company is always looking forward to helping you to find the most powerful servers. Our company provides a wide range of server hosting plans at the lowest price with more features. You can contact us anytime 24/7/365 hours a year to get instant help from our customer staff.