Get Singapore Dedicated Server with High Performance from Onlive Server

A Dedicated Server might help you run your business online smoothly and more efficiently, as it can support many visitors and have enough space to hold all the information your customers need from you. Singapore Dedicated Server offered by Onlive Server provides you with different features those other providers don’t give you for less money. If you want to get our Singapore Dedicated Server at an affordable price, check out our offer! You won’t regret it!

We provide high availability and performance. It is a computer owned, managed, and maintained by a hosting company for customers. Because it is not shared with any other customers and doesn’t have to share resources, it gives you access to all operating system features, including root-level access through a shell or SSH. You can install any software without worrying about compatibility issues or resource limits. Your dedicated server will be faster than a virtual private server because no other processes are running on your machine.

Why does your business need a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is your best option if you’re looking for excellent reliability, superior uptime, and rock-solid security. You get a single server that’s all yours—no sharing with other users, no relying on another company’s server or network. And while web hosting or cloud services like VPS and shared hosting may be cheaper upfront, they aren’t nearly as reliable.

Plus, it’s easier to maintain than a shared solution. When you have a dedicated server, you can make sure it has exactly what you need, software installed how you want it, hardware configured precisely to your specifications, storage set up in whatever way makes sense for your business, and bandwidth at precisely the level required by your application.

Here are some advantages you will get on our Singapore Dedicated Server

High Bandwidth: We understand you need high bandwidth as your site grows. Our Data Centers in Singapore are designed to give our customers unmetered bandwidth so that you can focus on growing your business without worrying about traffic spikes or extra costs.

24/7 Technical Support: Our engineers work day in and day out to ensure all our customer’s needs are met, and they are happy with their service. Always someone available when you need it. Reseller options Being a reseller has never been more accessible; order a server from us today & start selling to new clients tomorrow without any delays.

SSDs Included in Prices: It is never cheaper to get a new server. Now we offer SSD Drives at no additional cost. No hidden fees for power consumption or anything else for that matter.

Free Setup: Get starts within minutes by requesting a server using our easy order form and get instant setup after payment confirmation.

Choose multiple OS with our dedicated server.

Our server comes with a wide range of operating systems. You will have the freedom to choose any OS that you like. You can choose Linux from the different versions like Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, OpenSUSE, and Linux Mint that we provide. We also have all versions of Windows OS, like Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019. In addition to these OS versions, our servers also come with multiple software and hardware configuration options for you to choose from. Therefore, your dedicated server won’t be just another among those common and boring ones. But instead, would specifically design as per your requirements & budget constraints. You will get complete control over it, making it even more valuable for your business applications or needs.

Why choose us for Dedicated Servers in Singapore?

As an established and reputed company in Singapore, we deliver best-in-class web hosting services that cover a wide range of business applications, including web hosting, virtual servers, and dedicated servers. By providing state-of-the-art features to all our customers at affordable prices. We help them get unlimited access to our cloud infrastructure. We are one of the most trusted and reliable providers of high-quality Dedicated Servers in Singapore. Our highly skilled technical support team provides comprehensive support to our clients with various queries related to their servers.

In addition, you can avail uptime guarantee for your server and complete security from any malicious activities on your website by keeping it under protection through our powerful firewall tools. All these things make us stand out among other companies offering Dedicated Servers in Singapore. You can choose from different packages depending on your needs and requirements. These plans are designed after considering each client’s requirements and budget constraints.

Features of our dedicated server hosting

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain Name Register
  • Free Setup and Installation
  • Free SSL Certificate and DDOS protection
  • High Performance
  • Full control 
  • Fully managed Services
  • IP Addresses: IPv4/IPv6
  • Fully Customization option
  • Operating System (Linux and Windows)


After Reading the above article, we expect you to learn many new things about our company and dedicated server and make an excellent decision to buy Singapore Dedicated Hosting. In addition, we have a solid infrastructure to provide 100% uptime service to our clients with a good network connection. So, contact us now, let’s discuss your business needs, and get started today.