Google Workspace

Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations from any device with or without an internet connection with Microsoft Office Mobile for Windows. Work on a document with your co-workers or with people outside your organization. See changes made by other users in real time, talk to them using the built-in chat function, and ask questions using Google Workspace’s low-cost comment function.

Several people can work together on a single document at the same time. All of its modifications are retained immediately.

Make decision making easier

With shared calendars, you can check your coworkers’ availability and organize meetings by sending them email invitations that are sent to them automatically.

With just one click on a video camera equipped computer, phone or tablet, you can turn your meeting into a video conference.

Finally, share your screen with the team to submit your work and make real-time judgments. All of this for a very flexible Google Workspace pricing model.

Google Workspace has business support

The introduction of Google Workspace offers a variety of benefits. In fact, the tool is easy to use, human-centered, and with the goal of keeping connected people as the main focuses.

Protect your data and devices with Google Workspace, save and share files in the cloud and use voice assistance for your business discussions with Google Workspace Voice Assistance.

Two-step verification and single sign-on are two security features that you can use to protect your business data.

Use the Endpoint Management Tool to protect your data in the event of a device loss or the departure of an important employee.

You can keep emails and chats from your organizations archived conversations for as long as you like.

Organize all your work documents in a safe and easily accessible place from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Invite others to view, download, and collaborate on a file in seconds. Also, there is no need to attach a file to the message.

  • Always make sure you are working with the latest version of your files.
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  • The voice should be given greater responsibility for corporate communications.
  • Get a work phone number so you can make and receive calls from any device.

With Google AI, you get accurate transcripts of your voicemails and at the same time benefit from intelligent spam control.

You can centralize a large number of activities as well as service management and billing on a single platform. Everything you can do right now from Google Workspace, for one great price.

Learn more about the many benefits of using Google Workspace in your organization. Distance learning, Google authorized Google partners, and consulting services are also available for your business or organization. Contact us for more information!

Use the many advantages of Google Workspace in your workplace!

Occasionally, in any company, you will find yourself in a unique situation where your employees have to do their daily tasks remotely or from home.

The Google Workspace Suite, formerly known as Google G Suite, was designed specifically for the needs of teleworkers by allowing them to connect to their colleagues through collaborative apps. Organizing meetings, scheduling hours and absences, completing group projects, and other activities are all made possible through these programs.

More efficient planning management: Google Workspace (formerly known as GSuite) can instantly synchronize your vacation and sick leave requests with your Google Calendar.

Fully customizable

Google Workspace can be customized to meet the exact needs of your business or company. Everything is completed from setting up a single email domain to match your company’s name, to setting up the exact apps and securing access so only authorized people can access your data and information.

Access is more convenient.

With Google Workspace, everyone on your team can access their documents, Gmail and Google Meet on the same platform, saving time and making collaboration easier. It’s easy to collaborate and communicate, plan, organize, and create with colleagues and clients on projects. Regardless of your current work scenario, you have complete freedom to work from home while you continue to interact with your colleagues and get valuable results.

Greater scalability

The online storage can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business or organization. You can quickly and easily create groups, add and delete people from the single administration interface.

Accessible from anywhere

Regardless of whether you live in Quebec or abroad, Google Workspace is accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, laptop). This makes it easier for your team members to communicate with one another and increases your productivity.

Consider the benefits of having a single place online to encourage collaboration. Google Workspace is a collection of productivity tools and applications designed specifically for professionals and organizations. This way you can organize all of your tools in one convenient place!