Onlive Server is India’s largest Linux-based server provider company. Linux Shared Hosting uses the Linux Operating System. As per your business needs, we offer you the plans at a very affordable and cheap price. It is ideal for all types of small and large businesses. We have used the latest PHP versions from php4 to php7. If you want to start up a business, create a blog, Or host a forum. Using CMS WordPress Hosting, Drupal hosting, Joomla Hosting, Radiant CMS, and Cushy CMS. Expression engine hosting, text pattern hosting you can easily do it. via Onlive Server.    

What is Linux Shared Hosting & Why do we use it?

Linux hosting is a method of hosting using the operating system called Linux on the server. Linux is a Unix-like operating system provided as a free, open-source system. It was first invented in 1991, as a free operating system for Intel x86-based computers. At that time, it becomes one of the most popular open-source. Operating systems in the market and in the digital world.

Benefits of Linux Shared Hosting


The price limit is the first point in our minds. When we think about starting a business the price budget very much matters. At the time, Linux is an open-source platform for everyone. It requires no charge to use it for your hosting in comparison to other Windows hosting companies. Linux provides hosting at very low prices.

Provide Endurance and Flexibility

With Onlive Server, Linux shared hosting server. You can do many works, such as creating a blog, website, multimedia application, or forum. Or any other online entity easily at a very affordable price.

 High-tech Security

The very most important point of using an online service is whether can they provide security or not. So I told you that in the Onlive Server, we provide you with high-tech security with full enthusiasm. A very important benefit of Linux hosting, especially for shared hosting, is the best security platform. This operating system has proven to continue. Check from time to time again to be more secure than any other choice.


 Linux was one of the first operating systems invented that is developed, it provides better reliability than other Windows hosting.

 Provide Simplicity

The other main important and basic point in our mind is that. Whether it is simple or not can everyone easily use this for their work. Another huge benefit from the side of Linux shared hosting is that it is very easy to use. In most cases, it’s easier, simple understandable, and more user-friendly than Windows hosting.

Configure Server

Configurate Server exploit Scanner, is a tool that actively scans files as they are being submitted to the server. CXS’s Active File Scanning prevents malware and malicious things. From gaining access to the account by removing suspicious files or moving them to blocked before they are activated.  

Why Choose Our Onlive Server?

Onlive server Linux hosting is an affordable price, reliable, simple, user-friendly hosting. That can introduce the foundation for your online business. Onlive Server Linux server built a radiant-high-performance server structure. And placed our shared hosting squarely on top of it. We provide an easy-to-use management interface system for your account backup. By the industry-leading control panel, cPanel. our management interface system gives you—full control to add or remove email accounts and domain names. As well as manage your files MySQL databases PHP database, and much more.


Last but not least, now you can deduct Linux Shared Hosting provides you with all that. A small and large business person needs to manage the website. So, what are you waiting for? Choose Onlive Server Linus Shared Hosting for your business website and take the benefits and opportunity. On Onlive Server only, you can get a very cheap and affordable price in comparison to other websites. Its features provide great speed and enthusiasm. We hope you will like this article, Harry! Take the benefits and enjoy the services of our web hosting server.

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