Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

I’m personally not a huge fan of Windows hosting plans and their ridiculously high prices, and that’s why I keep searching for some great alternatives in the marketplace. I’ve recently stumbled upon an awesome web hosting provider called OnLive Server, that offers some really Cheap Linux VPS Hosting plans at the most affordable rates you can find anywhere! Their plans are also backed by 24/7 support, so if you need any help with anything, you can always turn to their friendly support team! I highly recommend these guys!

What is the virtual private server hosting?

Cheap Linux VPS hosting provides a virtual machine as an operating system to run your website on. When you choose virtual private server hosting, your website can have any name, IP address, and port number that you like. This allows you to take ownership of each component of your web server environment and build a custom design according to your preferences. Cheap Linux VPS hosting services are usually priced by RAM, data storage space, and other variables. The provider will allocate resources depending on how much you pay for services so it’s important to pick a provider who is trusted.

Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Why use Linux over Windows?

You are here because you are seeking cheap Linux VPS hosting services, or you’re looking to expand your business online. Well, if either of these reasons applies to you then we will gladly introduce you to our very own and most popular Linux VPS hosting service. Not only are our plans more affordable than any other provider but also have an uptime in excess of 99%. We have dedicated support staff that can assist with setup, installation, account customization, and technical troubleshooting. The levels of performance included in each server are fast while providing superior protection against attacks. The network core is open source which ensures a level of redundancy and reliability seldom seen in the Windows VPS platform.

What to expect from our VPS hosting plan?

When you buy a web hosting package from us, we’ll give you access to multiple applications that make it easy to manage your website and keep it running smoothly. You can also take advantage of our in-house developed installer interface for installing WordPress (for example), Joomla!, or other popular CMSs without having to change your default settings. In addition to these powerful tools, we’ll host as many domains as you want and give each one of them its own individual cPanel for quick and easy management. Plus, our servers are guaranteed 99% uptime so your visitors can always access your sites without any disruptions.

How many different types of apps do I get?

For just starting at $9.00 per month, you get 10GB of disk space, 100 GB of traffic/month, and 1 CPU core. This is more than enough for most individuals or small businesses looking to host a website on a tight budget. It also comes with unlimited sub-domains and MySQL databases! If you need more resources, we also offer a host of affordable upgrade options. Our $9 plan comes with 20GB disk space and 20GB bandwidth per month as well as 1 CPU core. If you need even more resources for your hosting needs, our $20 plan offers 40GB disk space, 400GB bandwidth per month as well as 2 CPU cores.

What if I need more storage space?

If you find yourself in need of additional space, Cheap VPS hosting services are a very good option to expand. Cheap Linux VPS hosting services allow you to run your website and applications in an efficient manner while keeping costs low. In order to know how much storage space or bandwidth you need, it is always better to do a trial with your site on a cheap VPS Linux service. You can choose between different plans according to what is available on offer. This gives you an opportunity to try and decide which plan would be right for your site requirements. For example, if you wanted more storage space as compared to bandwidth then cheap VPS server hosting could be perfect for you. Your website and applications run without any disruption with our stable network uptime monitoring system implemented.

Can I make my VPS run faster?

The CPU power you get with a Linux VPS is pretty much unlimited. This means that you can install as many programs and make it run as fast as you want. In terms of bandwidth, there are no restrictions either so you can download/upload whatever you want from your site. Just be careful not to overload your server! Remember that if your host shuts down any rogue activities on their network then they’ll usually charge extra for restarting services. Check how many processes each kind of VPS has before starting anything. 1GB RAM is more than enough memory for any kind of business website or personal page by today’s standards but if you’re into streaming, video conversion, or other resource-heavy activities then 2GB should do just fine!

How much time does it take to set up my new VPS?

Your VPS is ready to be used within 60 seconds. Once you complete your order, an email will be sent to you with a link to your VPS. Click on it and log in using username: root password: Once you are logged in. Change your password for security reasons. It’s just that easy! Every discount depends on how much time you decide to commit to our shared or dedicated plans. But one thing we guarantee is that no matter what time period of service you decide to purchase, we won’t oversell our hardware and resources compared to other companies out there who promise cheap VPS but charge huge hidden fees after 2-3 years of monthly payments! Be smart, pick us because we won’t let you down ever!

Conclusion: Cheap Linux VPS hosting services are available on a lot of websites and companies. You can get a good cheap Linux VPS hosting if you find out what to look for. The key is to search only for providers with high-quality and affordable cheap Linux VPS hosting services. That can be chosen by a small, medium. And large-scale business website owners. Who is looking to run their web application on reliable server setups and also wants some additional features on their web applications as well? Make sure to find out about all the additional features that you need such as a good firewall, no root access management or cPanel support, or any other feature. Which is mandatory for your websites. So that you don’t have to buy something which is not required.