Domain Name Registration

Introduction Of Domain Names

Websites have got a significant role to play in today’s digital world. For everything around, you will find a website that deals with a particular subject matter. Each website is assigned a unique IP address (a series of numbers) to allocate the website and its accessibility on the internet. But accessing a website by remembering a long set of numbers can be complex. Therefore websites are given a unique name, called Domain Name, over their IP address so that people find it easy to access them. All you ought to do is enter the website’s domain name followed by the domain extension. In simple terms, your website is your home, and your domain name is your home’s address helping the visitors reach there easily. In this article, we will be looking at how you can book domain name online smartly and from a trusted source.

Why is domain name important?

On an elementary level, a domain name is just an alternative for an IP address, making it easy for the visitor to enter the website just by remembering a name and not a series of numbers. But apart from this, it has got some exceptional importance as well. Some of which are:

  1. Owning a personal domain name adds credibility and uniqueness to your website.
  2. The right domain name about your exact business will attract more audiences and thus increase the performance rate of your website.
  3. The website with your domain name depicts your seriousness, professionalism, and investment in your business and work.
  4. Website produced out of a domain name has more chance to be ranked on google’s search page than the one built from free web hosting sites.

Simple steps to follow for booking your domain name online:

  1. Find a Credible Domain Registrar

The very first step is to find a credible and trusted domain registrar. Domain registrar is a company that allows you to Book Domain Names Online. Be very cautious while choosing a registrar. Some companies can fool you easily with their spam procedures and unethical booking system, and you may end up with nothing except financial loss. Trusted registrars are accredited with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers); hence go after them only. Subsequently are some points you should keep in mind while choosing a domain registrar.

  • Some companies offer discounts on the first year’s domain registration and charge with an increased renewal rate after that. Hence make sure you pay proper attention to such companies.
  • Some companies don’t provide the services of transferring your domain name to another registrar. Hence it is better to avoid such companies because you never know when you would need to change your registrar due to whatsoever reason.
  • Ensure to examine all the terms and conditions to avoid any extra hidden domain charges they charge unnecessarily.

Pick a registrar that has an auto-renewal option to renew your domain name after every expiry date. This prevents other people from registering with your pre-existing domain name.

  1. Search for Domain Name

After successfully choosing the required domain registrar, the next step is to perform a domain name search. Every company has its inbuilt domain name checker, so type in the desired name and check if it is available to buy. If the desired domain name is taken by someone else, try contacting him and offering a fair price for that name.

Along with the domain name, choosing a perfect domain extension is also important. It should serve the purpose of your project. There are many domain extensions like .in, .com, .me, etc. Every domain extension has got a different price and different importance. Hence, choose what best fits your domain name.

  1. Setup the Domain Name

After you have selected the domain name, it arrives directly in the cart, and you can pick your domain from the cart for the final checkout. In the checkout section, you will be asked to select the duration of the registration. And once the duration ends, you have to renew it again so that you do not lose the Domain Name Online to someone else. The renewal time can be monthly or yearly, depending upon what you want. The default registration period is 1 year in the beginning, but it changes from company to company.

Pay for it after you have made the required selections by choosing your payment method. Provide your billing information, and your domain name has been successfully purchased!

  1. Complete the Registration

After the payment, you will be directed towards the control panel, where you will be asked to fill up various details like name, address, and contact details. With this information, your domain registration will be processed. Once the process is complete, an email will arrive at the registered email address for confirmation.

  1. Verify the ownership

After the above process, an email will arrive at the registered mail address, and you need to confirm your contact number and other details. After the confirmation, the domain setup will be successfully completed.

The use of a domain name depends upon the website owner. Website dealing in personal blogs may not require a domain name, but one with huge work management regarding any business and projects must have a domain name for their website. This article will ideally help you understand the importance and uses of a domain name and let you know how you can book domain name online in a few simple steps.

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