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If you are running an online business and if you want your business to succeed, then it is important that you juggle different types of things. Starting from hosting, social media, and marketing to content creation, advertising, and customer expectations, you will have to take care of varied metrics’. This whole procedure can be very stressful and quickly overwhelming too.

Therefore, it makes good sense to choose Best WordPress Hosting available in the form of managed hosting solution. It is always better to go for Cheap WordPress Hosting instead of choosing a small virtual private server or a shared service. It is probably one of the most crucial decisions you need to make as it directly pertains to your business site. As a businessman, you will always want the best for your business, and managed WordPress hosting surely gives you a competitive edge in the market. We will try and understand how but before that, let’s understand what is managed WordPress hosting first.

Managed WordPress Hosting

First off, in order to understand managed WordPress hosting, which is The Best WordPress Hosting, and how it is different from shared or DIY hosting, it is necessary to break down the general population online into three basic and Cheap WordPress Hosting scenarios. Let’s see:

Shared WordPress Hosting

There are people online who do not have a huge budget in hand and thus like to go for the cost-effective shared Cheap WordPress Hosting solution. These are generally people on a strict business budget looking to build their very first websites or migrate from

These are people who do not have a clear idea of the differences between the various types of server hosting solutions. Hence, they simply make the decision based on the price they have to pay, which is quite nominal.

Speaking of shared WordPress hosting, the users generally get what they pay for. There is nothing wrong with going with these plans, but there are certain things that the users need to be aware of.

Since shared WordPress hosting is available at a cost-effective rate, the hosting provider is not able to make a lot of income by selling this kind of hosting. Hence, it is important for the users to know that the hosting providers make money through hidden fees and through upselling. Upsells include things such as domain registrations, migrations, SSL certificates, and renewal fees.

In order to make good money, the majority of the hosting providers offer unlimited resources to the buyers. Nevertheless, there is no such thing in the real world. These are just fake promises on the end of the hosting providers. What they actually do is simply throttle the customers, using up a lot of resources. It is a strategy on the end of the hosting providers to make the angry customers leave the service, which automatically makes room for more customers that do not use a lot of resources. The end is where the customers have a completely vicious cycle where the hosting provider pushes cheap packages; signing up consumers who they think won’t use lots of resources and will buy upsells as well. The whole story is about volume.

Yet again, since shared Web hosting plans are available within an affordable range, it forces the hosting provider to overcrowd its servers for consolidating resources. Therefore, despite the fact that the customers do not know this, their websites are on the same server as the other 500 individuals. This directly means that any sort of problems with the performance of the other sites will definitely take a toll on the performance of their sites as well.

Combine everything mentioned above, and what do you actually get? You get bad support and slow performance. 

DIY VPS WordPress Hosting

Then there are individuals, the typical bootstrap start-ups and the ones with a bit more development and WordPress experience. These are the DIY crowd who have this idea of saving money, but at the same time, they are also concerned with the performance of their sites. They have a clear understanding of the significance of their sites running in perfect condition for the success of their business.

The DIY VPS approach certainly seems to be affordable, but it also means that the owners will be responsible if there’s a certain breakdown. Also, the owners themselves will have to take up the task of optimizing their servers for maximum performance.

The DIY approach is definitely good, but it even comes with the chances of back-firing on the users if they are not careful. Hence, it will not be a good idea to trek this path only to tinkle. Remember, both your time and money are valuable, and you must spend them on the growth of your business.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is the Best WordPress Hosting solution, perfect for people running medium-sized or small businesses, high-traffic blogs, and organizations on the lookout for specialized corporate Best WordPress Hosting. The people going for this kind of hosting are well aware of the fact that this is one of the best investments for them mainly because it helps in saving time and manpower while also offering superior performance at the same time. The superior performance that comes from managed Web hosting is because it is fine-tuned for the content management system.


Therefore, if you want the Best WordPress Hosting for your site, it is important that you go for the managed solutions as they can work wonders for your site. Also, going for this hosting solution will not be very expensive for you.