VPS Cloud Hosting From Onlive Server

VPS Cloud Hosting

Onlive Server Provides VPS Cloud Hosting. We are a leading provider of virtual private servers in the cloud, with data centers in Los Angeles, California, and Amsterdam, Netherlands. Our VPS cloud hosting plans offer a full range of server resources at competitive prices. In 30+ locations, we offer the best VPS Cloud Hosting at a very reasonable cost. In addition, we provide a simple and powerful cloud control interface for managing your VPS. VPS Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that is becoming increasingly popular as a result of its easy and useful features. The use of remote server resources that can readily grow to accommodate peak loads is one of the benefits of cloud hosting over in-house hosting.

How does VPS cloud hosting work?

Cloud hosting is classified as both Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) at its most basic level. Users are given virtualized hardware resources. They need to install their own software environment as they construct a Web application under the IaaS umbrella. On the PaaS side, users have access to a software environment that allows them to quickly install and develop Web applications.

In a cloud environment, each server performs a certain set of functions. In the case that one server fails, other servers act as backups, providing the necessary resources to ensure that web hosting services remain available. When you keep your website on a cloud hosting platform, the data is distributed among multiple redundancies to ensure that it is always accessible to you and your visitors.

Cloud hosting vs. Dedicated servers vs. VPS

A shared resource approach to website hosting is referred to as cloud hosting. Your website is hosted remotely and takes advantage of the hosting service’s resources. However, you’re sharing a resource pool with a lot of other websites and cloud hosting users. If another website using your identical resources demands more server activity. this can cause your website’s speed to suffer. The ultimate consequence is unjust, and it’s difficult for a small firm to deal with.

Dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS) aim to alleviate this issue by allocating server resources solely for your usage. When you rent a dedicated server or a virtual private server (VPS). You get a set amount of bandwidth and hardware capacity for your cloud hosting. Everything about cloud hosting and the tools for managing and maintaining your website remains the same. The only difference is that you have your own server and don’t have to share it with anyone else.

A dedicated server comes at a greater price, but the performance. It provides might make all the difference for high-traffic websites. You can lease a VPS if you don’t have the funds or traffic to warrant renting a complete server. Each of which you can lease for a cheap monthly fee. Each VPS works like a mini server, assigning particular resources to your hosting without the performance degradation that comes with traditional cloud hosting.

Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting


Because the cheapest cloud hosting server has never gone down, your website will have maximum network availability and zero downtime.

Resources scalability

If you have a large or small website, you can scale up or down our hosting resources, such as computing cores, RAM, and storage devices, according to your business needs, and only pay for the resources you use.

Safety and security are paramount.

Firewalls, data backup solutions, data encryption, and dedicated IT support are all available with Cloud VPS Hosting Servers, ensuring the safety of your personal data.


Because you only pay for the resources you use in the cloud, it is a cost-effective alternative for our hosting server.


Onlive Server offers high-quality virtual private servers and VPS cloud hosting services at low prices. We provide the tools you need to build a web presence of your own, without any long-term commitments or hassle. Simply order a server, select the operating system and software package that fits your needs. There are numerous advantages to Cheap Reseller Hosting. Which include the ability for unlimited server configuration as well as an increased number of devices and applications. You can find some web support systems or self-service options that allow you to configure your VPS environment without assistance. This is extremely helpful because you do not need to locate a system. Administrator and be subject to IT costs since the service is available in a self-service model. With cloud computing, customers are only charged for what they use, eliminating expenses that were previously hidden in the technology infrastructure.